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Mother’s taste will continue to be provided by SE WOO. We always maintain Mother’s sincerity.

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With its leading technology and know-how, SE WOO Co., Ltd.
maintains traditional tastes.

SE WOO Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing paste and seasoning products. Pastes are the basic food products of Korean people. With the motto ‘the creation of tasty and savory food products’, all members of the company do the best for making high-quality paste products in their trust and harmony.

Being proud of a variety of large drying and extraction equipment, our company also has the advanced production facility and technology of amino acid (HVP) soy sauce and brewed soy sauce. In addition, our company contributes to developing the food industry by conducting constant R&D on food ingredients.

With constant sincerity and thorough hygiene & quality control, all executives and employees of SE WOO Co., Ltd. make the most effort to grow to the No. 1 enterprise in the industry of food sauces & seasonings and traditional food products.

All executives and employees of SE WOO Co., Ltd.